„I’m only the story of a moment“ – Poets‘ readings in Bollywood Movies

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After a long break, this is an interesting new blog post by Hartmut Pospiech.

Hartmut Pospiech mag Bollywoodfilme und hat schon vor zwanzig Jahren gebloggt

As a writer of prose and poetry, I am naturally interested how poet’s readings are portrayed in Bollywood. Basically, they are portrayed as musical numbers, but usually with reduced musical arrangements and no dancing choreography. The film which brought that to my attention  is „Kabhie Kabhie“(1976). I watched Amitabh Bachchan think up some poetic lines on a walk and read it voice-over, then step in front of the mike and perform „Main pal do pal“ to an enthusiastic audience divided into women sitting left and men right, the added attraction is Rakhee Gulzar making advances to the poet while Amitabh sang of the fleeting moment of poetry.

Readings of Urdu poetry are called shayari, and the  divison between men and women seems to have a long tradition. In a very interesting article in The Guardian, the author states that Urdu poetry and shayaris have become political instruments against…

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Written by Peter Jebsen

7. April 2020 um 19:09

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