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Mein Twitter-Rückblick auf die #Oscars

23. Februar 2015

Was von einer langen Nacht übrig blieb:


MediathekView: Der schnellste Weg zu “Das TalkGespräch” und anderen ö.-r. TV-Sendungen

29. Dezember 2014

MediathekViewAls ich heute den Mediathek-Link zu Olli Dittrichs großartiger neuer Sendung “Das TalkGespräch” postete, erinnerte mich mein Kollege Thomas Leidel an das sehr hilfreiche kostenlose Programm MediathekView (erhältlich für Windows, MacOS und Linux). Das habe ich früher mal beruflich getestet, seitdem aber aus den Augen verloren. Es durchsucht die Online-Mediatheken verschiedener Sender (ARD, ZDF, Arte, 3Sat, SWR, BR, MDR, NDR, WDR, HR, RBB, ORF, SF) und listet die gefundenen Sendungen auf. Per Mausklick können die gewünschten Sendungen angeschaut oder – das macht es besonders interessant – heruntergeladen werden.

A Funky Soul Christmas (Playlist & Videos)

25. Dezember 2014

My feelings towards Christmas are similar to The Grinch‘s (without the greedy aspect). The only thing I like about it are the holiday songs. Therefore I put together a Spotify playlist with great Christmas albums and compilations. Feel free to add yours – the list is shared.


Looking back at River to River. Florence Indian Film Festival 2014 … and some Florence tips

15. Dezember 2014

This year, I was only able to enjoy River to River. Florence Indian Film Festival for five days. But it was my tenth time in a row – and I got to see a particularly fascinating special guest (Irrfan Khan – you can watch more videos of his Q&A sessions here).


Movie Talk with Irrfan Khan @River to River. Florence Indian Film Festival (Videos)

9. Dezember 2014

For the visitors of River to River. Florence Indian Film Festival Irrfan Khan was the perfect guest: charming, funny and outspoken. I shot some clips during the Q&A sessions for the movies “Qissa” (with director Anup Singh) and “Paan Sing Tomar”, hosted by festival director Selvaggia Velo.
Anup Singh, Irrfan Khan & Selvaggia Velo @River to River. Florence Indian Filmfestival

Americans Try German Food For The First Time: “Licorice Bathed in Sweat”

4. Dezember 2014

Bratwurst: “That’s German engineering at its finest.” / “It looks like something very human.”
Haribo Piratos (salty): “Licorice bathed in sweat, that’s what it is.”
Vitamalz: “It smells like prune juice and beer had a baby.”

Crowdfunkin': Best of Current Funk (Spotify Playlist)

22. November 2014

“Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson (feat. Bruno Mars) is one of the best current funk releases I have heard in a long time:

After mentioning this on Facebook, my funky friends recommended many other great acts to me. I threw in some additional favorites of mine and started a Spotify playlist. Put it into shuffle mode … and enjoy!


Irrfan Khan at 14th River to River. Florence Indian Film Festival / Looking back at last year’s #R2RFIFF

11. November 2014

River to River. Florence International Film Festival 2014

Irrfan Khan

Irrfan Khan (Photo: / Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license)

Just announced: Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan will be the guest of honour at this year’s River to River. Florence Indian Film Festival in beautiful Florence/Italy – always my favourite festival of the year.

The festival will hold a special tribute to Khan who next appears in Colin Trevorrow’s “Jurassic World”. There will be screenings of his films “Qissa”, “The Namesake” and “Paan Singh Tomar”, plus seven episodes of the third season of the HBO series “In Treatment”.

According to Wikipedia, Irrfan Khan has appeared in more than 30 Bollywood films (as of 2013). Khan’s English-language mainstream work includes character roles in movies like “New York”, “I Love You”, “A Mighty Heart”, “Slumdog Millionaire”, “The Amazing Spider-Man”, and “Life of Pi”.

So war #DJV14: Die Twitter-“Presseschau” zum DJV-Verbandstag 2014 in Weimar

5. November 2014

Zwei Tage lang stand Weimar im Zeichen des Journalismus: Der Verbandstag des Deutschen Journalisten-Verbandes (DJV) lief am Montag und Dienstag (3./4. November 2014) in der Goethestadt.

Ich habe hier einige Tweets über die Veranstaltung zusammengestellt (getwittert mit Hashtag #djv14). Die Themen:


Augie’s gone. Where do the bop go?

26. Oktober 2014

With great sadness, I just became aware of the fact that singer, songwriter, performer and producer Augie Johnson has passed away on October 10, 2014.

I interviewed him in Los Angeles in 1982 after the album “Make Mine Bop” by Side Effects‘ side project L.A. Boppers blew me away. It featured one of my favorite jazz-funk-soul songs of all time: “Where Do the Bop Go”.



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