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George Clinton (72) on Quitting Drugs (plus new European Tour Dates)

14. Juni 2014

From the keynote interview at the Ibiza International Music Summit (May 2014)

Craig McLean (at 24:42): Did you get paid for all these samples?
George Clinton: Nooo … that’s what made me stop doing drugs. You can not be fucked up and not expect things to be fucked up, too. I’m saying that it took me 72 years to find that out. Plus: The drugs was no good. Wasn’t even good drugs by the time, you know. Then I realized; Damn, I’m not even high; plus, they done took all my money.


My 10.000th Tweet

15. Juni 2011

@pjebsen's 10,000th Tweet


Question to Bootsy Collins: Did The J.B.’s Understand James Brown?

29. April 2011

A short excerpt of a phone interview I did with Bootsy Collins today:

I may post more clips during the weekend.

R.I.P., Garry Shider! (Interview from the New Funk Times Archive)

17. Juni 2010
More Garry photos at flickr

Garry Shider in Munich
(©Peter Jebsen)

P.Funk won’t ever be the same again: Yesterday, Garry Shider (56) lost his battle against lung and brain cancer (see reports by The Star Ledger and Rolling Stone). I have known Garry and Linda, his wife of 32 years, for about 25 years – one of our first meetings took place at George Clinton/Parliament/Funkadelic’s legendary live Rockpalast broadcast from St. Goarshausen/Germany (watch the video clip below, featuring Dennis Chambers, Eddie Hazel, Michael “Kidd Funkadelic” Hampton, and Rodney “Skeet” Curtis).

I once even acted as his ‘fashion consultant’ ;-) : On P.Funk’s 1986 “Saturday Night Live” performance, Garry wore a jacket I selected while clothes-shopping with George Clinton. You can see a picture in this blog entry.

When I published the official P.Funk newsletter New Funk Times from the late ’80s to the early ’90s, I did several interviews with Garry. One of them took place at his house in Atlanta/Georgia in 1989. I’m reposting it as tribute to this great vocalist, guitarist, songwriter, arranger, producer and overall funky human being.

“We’re not gonna ever quit, man, I wanna be old and in my grave, still funking!” (Garry Shider in 1989)


With my Palm Prē, I seem to be in good company (as in “GC”) … ;-)

9. Februar 2010

Dr. Funkenstein & the Palm Prē Plus

Funky Luftbrücke from New Orleans nach Hamburg

22. Januar 2010

Wenn Moderatoren im Radio ihre Hörer grüßen, assoziiere ich das eher mit NDR-2-Sendungen, in denen Oma Martha den Enkeln, die nie anrufen, trotzdem alles Liebe wünscht. Kürzlich jedoch durfte ich mich selbst über einen solchen Gruß freuen – wobei die Freude besonders groß war, da sich hier eine meiner ältesten Passionen, nämlich Old-School-Funk, mit diesem neuen weltweiten Datennetz verband, von dem man heute so viel hört.

Sooo neu ist das natürlich nicht, denn per elektronischer Post habe ich seit Mitte der 90er Jahre Kontakt mit Melissa A. Weber (aka DJ Soul Sister), einer afroamerikanischen DJane in New Orleans. Sie und ich betrieben damals Websites, die sich um unsere Lieblingsmusik drehten: P-Funk (George Clinton / Parliament / Funkadelic / Bootsy Collins & Co.).

George Clinton & Parliament/Funkadelic on Saturday Night Live (1986)

15. September 2009

IMHO, this is one of the best P.Funk performances ever shown on TV:

This video brings back very nice memories:

The Saturday Night Live show took place a few weeks after I did my George Clinton home story (here’s the German version).

The King (of Pop) and I – (Almost) A Michael Jackson Home Story

30. Juni 2009

Although my blog is primarily German, I’ll write this post in English. Since the passing of Michael Jackson, I had lots of inspiring exchanges about him with my stateside Facebook friends. I don’t want to exclude y’all (after all, I became friends with most of you even before Liz Taylor turned Michael Jackson into the “King of Pop” ;-) ).

So, what’s the deal with the “home story” angle of the headline?

When I was working as a music journalist from the early ‘80s to the mid-’90s, I spent about five months a year in New York City (Manhattan), Los Angeles (Hollywood, 90028) and varying additional U.S. cities. In L.A., I became friends with Shirley Brooks, a Japanese-African American who, among other duties, was CBS Records’ liaison for visiting foreign journalists like me.

The Funky Farmer: George Clinton Home Story (1986)

27. Mai 2009

This is the English translation of a George Clinton home story which I did in 1986 when I was working as a music journalist (original German version):

One morning at 5 a.m. on the funky farm: sputter – sputter – zang – boom – crash. Strange sounds are emanating from the hall. A few minutes later George Clinton stands in the living room: “Damn, not even 4000 points! When I’m that bad, I know that it’s time to quit. Good night!” A last disappointed look at the Galaxian video game, and Clinton disappears into the bedroom. In the neighborhood the first cocks are crowing.

Baltic Soul Weekender 2009: Life’s a Beach

25. April 2009

Baltic Soul Weekender 2009: Life’s a Beach

Ursprünglich hochgeladen von pjebsen

Mentale Einstimmung auf den zweiten All-Nighter des Baltic Soul Weekenders am Weissenhäuser Strand


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