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„I’m only the story of a moment“ – Poets‘ readings in Bollywood Movies

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After a long break, this is an interesting new blog post by Hartmut Pospiech.

Hartmut Pospiech mag Bollywoodfilme und hat schon vor zwanzig Jahren gebloggt

As a writer of prose and poetry, I am naturally interested how poet’s readings are portrayed in Bollywood. Basically, they are portrayed as musical numbers, but usually with reduced musical arrangements and no dancing choreography. The film which brought that to my attention  is „Kabhie Kabhie“(1976). I watched Amitabh Bachchan think up some poetic lines on a walk and read it voice-over, then step in front of the mike and perform „Main pal do pal“ to an enthusiastic audience divided into women sitting left and men right, the added attraction is Rakhee Gulzar making advances to the poet while Amitabh sang of the fleeting moment of poetry.

Readings of Urdu poetry are called shayari, and the  divison between men and women seems to have a long tradition. In a very interesting article in The Guardian, the author states that Urdu poetry and shayaris have become political instruments against…

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Written by Peter Jebsen

7. April 2020 at 19:09

Great job, Paul (77)!

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Why India Matters to Spotify, and Why it May Not Deliver

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There are two key reasons for such weak uptake to date:

1. Music plays a different role in India:Bollywood and devotional are two of the most widely listened to music genres, neither of which are mainstays of subscription services, nor streaming music consumption in general.
2. Income levels are low:the average per capita income is $553 a month, with the luxury of a music subscription far out of reach for most Indians, other than urban elites. Spotify’s $1.80 price point in India may sound cheap, but relative to average income, it is 9.3 times more expensive than $9.99 is in the US. So, Spotify would need to be priced at $0.19 to be the same relative affordability as in the US, which coincidentally is the price for its day pass.

Music Industry Blog

Warner Music and Spotify have been involved in a rather unseemly and very public spat this week over Spotify’s India launch. I’ll leave for someone else, the discussions of the potential implications of a blanket license for songwriter rights in India for an on-demand streaming service. Suffice to say, the words ‘can of worms’ come to mind. Instead, I am going to focus on why India matters so much to Spotify.

The next one billion, perhaps…

Spotify’s Daniel Ek has made much of addressing the next one billion internet users as part of Spotify’s long-term opportunity. Given the fact that China is effectively off the table for now and that sub-Saharan Africa is probably a generation away from being a major streaming market, India is the key component of that next one billion.

Europe and North America accounted for 69% of Spotify’s subscriber growth in 2018. While this…

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Written by Peter Jebsen

3. März 2019 at 21:21

Soon to be the Biggest Ever YouTube Channel, T-Series May Also Be About to Reshape Global Culture

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India is a problematic market for streaming monetization. It has 1.4 billion consumers but just 330 million of those have smartphones. There were 215 million free streaming users in 2018 but just 1 million paid subscribers despite leading indigenous players like Hungama and Saavn having been in market for years.

Music Industry Blog

pewdiepie tseries

Some time over the next month or so a YouTube landmark will be passed: T-Series will pass PewDiePie as the most subscribed YouTube channel on the planet. As of time of writing T-Series had 75.4 million subscribers compared to PewDiePie’s 76.4 million. (PewDiePie’s lead was narrower but he has mobilised his fan base to delay the inevitable.) But do not mistake this milestone to be a narrow measure of the shifting sands of the YouTube economy. Indeed, it tells us more about the future of streaming as a whole (both music and video) than it does the current status of sweary Swedish gamers.

For those of you who somehow do not yet know who T-Seriesis, it is a leading Indian music label and movie studio – it in fact claims to be ‘the biggest – that is the world’s largest YouTube music channel and before long it will likely be able to drop…

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Written by Peter Jebsen

24. Dezember 2018 at 20:27

R.I.P., Anthony Bourdain! (Obits, videos and my favorite quotes)

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Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain at the 73rd Annual Peabody Awards (Author: Peabody Awards / This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license)

None of the most recent deaths saddened me as much as Anthony Bourdain’s. He was my favorite non-fiction writer and travel show host. I enjoyed his enthusiasm, his humor, his opinionedness and the resulting rants, his love for food and its creators, his curiosity about the culture of the countries he visited, and the empathy and respect he showed towards his interviewees. I’ll miss him.

I first became aware of him in 2000 when he published his powerful book „Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly“ which made me think of him as the Hunter S. Thompson of culinary writing (although Tony probably was more truthful and benevolent). Since then, I have read all of his books and watched pretty much all of his shows.

In celebration of his extraordinary and inspiring talent, I have collected some of the most touching obits and, as a result of regular binge-watching, my favorite Tony quotes (accompanied by videos).


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International Journalism Festival for foodies and barflies: #IJF18 guide to Perugia

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Perugia (#IJF17)
From Wednesday (April 11, 2018) until Sunday (April 15), beautiful Perugia hosts the free International Journalism Festival for the 12th time. You’ll get all the basic infos here:

I prepared a map with all the festival locations and added my personal restaurant and bar recommendations before #IJF17, based on my 2016 experiences – and just added new places which I discovered during #IJF17 (I’ll add comments later). With the slider in the upper left corner, you can have a look at the list of entries:

New entries: Bottega del Vino, Civico 25, Hotel Giò Wine e Jazz Area, Il Vicolo
Societa Anonima (Restaurants); L’Artigiano del Gelato, Organ Ice (Gelati e Dolci); Free Ride, Happy Bar, Il Birrino (Bars)

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R.I.P., Ray Phiri! (My ‚Graceland‘ memories)

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Last Friday (July 14, 2017), Jon Pareles posted this obituary in the New York Times: Ray Phiri, ‘Graceland’ Guitarist and Anti-Apartheid Bandleader, Dies at 70

Ray Phiri, the South African guitarist who reached an international audience backing Paul Simon on the albums “Graceland” and “The Rhythm of the Saints” and who founded Stimela, a widely acclaimed, long-running band that confronted apartheid, died on Wednesday at a clinic in Nelspruit, South Africa. He was 70.

I never talked to Ray Phiri in person. But I must have seen him when visiting a rehearsal of the „Graceland“ tour in London for an interview with Paul Simon. He and his collaborators caught a lot of flak back then because they were accused of violating the cultural boycott against South Africa’s apartheid regime.
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Written by Peter Jebsen

18. Juli 2017 at 0:59

Amazon Is Now The 3rd Biggest Music Subscription Service

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(…) Amazon’s achievement is even more impressive than it first appears. Amazon’s music streaming adoption is concentrated among 4 of its Amazon Prime markets: US, Japan, Germany and UK. In these markets 35% of Amazon Prime subscribers are Amazon Prime Music or Amazon Prime Music Unlimited users.

Music Industry Blog

At MIDiA we have long argued that Amazon is the dark horse of streaming music. That horse is not looking so dark anymore. We’ve been tracking weekly usage of streaming music apps on a quarterly basis since 2016 and we’ve seen Amazon growing strongly quarter upon quarter. To the extent that Amazon Prime Music is now the 2nd most widely used streaming music app, 2nd only to Spotify which benefits from a large installed base of free users to boost its numbers. So, in terms of pure subscription services, Amazon has the largest installed base of weekly active users.

But it’s not just in terms of active users that Amazon is making such headway. It is racking up subscribers too. Based on conversations with rights holders and other industry executives we can confirm that Amazon is now the 3rd largest subscription service. Amazon has around 16 million…

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P.Funk finds (photos from the late ’80s or early ’90s)

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Just found these photos:

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The hilarious tweets by Jared Yates Sexton on #TrumpRussia read by Stephen Colbert on Tuesday’s Late Show

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On Tuesday’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert had a field day reading hilarious tweets by journalist Jared Yates Sexton who voiced his severe disappointment about Donald Trump Jr.’s damning mails regarding the Trump-Russia meeting:

I…worked on this story for a year…and…he just…he tweeted it out.

Here is a collection of Sexton’s tweets after Trump Jr.’s providing ’smoking gun‘ evidence against himself:

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Written by Peter Jebsen

13. Juli 2017 at 20:22

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