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Here Are Donald Trump’s Unpresidential Tweets About Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson From 2012 (via Saturday Night Live)

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Donald Trump/Kristen Stewart
As if Donald Trump’s current Twitter ramblings weren’t crazy enough, Saturday Night Live host Kristen Stewart brought a particularly notorious string of tweets back to memory in last Saturday’s opening monologue:

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„Europe’s Leadership Deficit“: Who Needs WikiLeaks for ‚Revelations‘ Like This?

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A few weeks ago, there has been a silly uproar in Germany about candid statements by U.S. diplomats regarding local politicians which were ‚leaked‘ by WikiLeaks.

Those ‚revelations‘ had little news value. Anybody of sound mind already knew that Chancellor Angela Merkel is an aimless opportunist, and that Foreign Minister/Vice Chancellor Guido Westerwelle is a windbag.
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Written by Peter Jebsen

20. Dezember 2010 at 21:46

John Cleese vs. Sarah Palin

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Dank des Tweet von Don bin ich auf das wunderbare John-Cleese-Video zum Thema Sarah Palin aufmerksam geworden:

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