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7th Film Festival „Bollywood and beyond“: The Tweets (incl. Trailers)

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Short Twitter reviews I posted after each screening during the Bollywood and beyond festival in Stuttgart:

Today’s Special (USA 2010): Deliciously funny & touching indie food movie. Naseeruddin Shah steals every scene he is in. I liked the movie right from the start – any film movie starting off with the music of 1957’s „Eena Meena Deeka“ & food scenes is my thing. The movie will be released in the U.S. on October 8, 2010. Check out the official website and the Facebook fan page. ***** of *****

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Einmal Bollywood und zurück, bitte!

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Busing to Bollywood
Wie jedes Jahr befinde ich mich gerade beim Filmfestival „Bollywood and beyond“ in Stuttgart (offizielle Website). Ich werde hinterher darüber bloggen, während des Festivals gibt es nur aktuelle Twitter-Updates.
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Written by Peter Jebsen

23. Juli 2010 at 12:33

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