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My 200,000th play on Last.FM – or: 50 songs a day keep the doctor away!

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pjebsen's 200,000th Last.FM scrobbleLast.FM is not as much fun as it used to be when it was the top music portal, but – as a fan of statistics – I still try to scrobble the music I am listening to. And I was happy to see that I just hit the 200,000th song mark. Since I have been a member since February 23, 2005, this means that – statistically speaking – I listen to at least 50 songs a day.

While writing this, a playlist with my 1,695 favourite Spotify songs is running in shuffle mode. It just reached song #200,000: Marcia Griffiths, „Run Up and Down“ – which brings back nice memories of my Jamaica visits in the ’80s.

Detailed statistics
There is an interesting division: My top artists are funk-dominated, there is a lot of country among my top albums, and Bollywood seems to rule my top tracks,

Top artists (among 17,512 scrobbled)
pjebsen's top scrobbled Last.FM artists
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Written by Peter Jebsen

26. Januar 2016 at 20:28

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The 64-bit iTunes vs. Last.FM Scrobbler problem has finally been solved!

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Last.FM Forum ComplaintsIf you don’t use the music website Last.FM (old blog post in German), you don’t need to read any further. The current good news only apply to those who use the Last.FM Scrobbler with iTunes for Windows. Since Apple updated the music player of our choice to a version that is fully 64-bit (, Windows 7), the Scrobbler did not detect songs that were played by iTunes anymore. Last.FM members have been complaining about it in the website’s forum since January 30, 2015.

When I just opened the Last.FM Scrobbler to check my Spotify scrobbles I finally received the notice for an update that had been promised by Last.FM for a weeks. I installed the update, and this did solve the problem. My 64-bit iTunes (, Windows 7) scrobbles its plays again (including songs played on my iPod). For whatever reason, Last.FM did not consider it necessary (yet) to announce this major ‚bug fix‘ in its Twitter feed. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

Written by Peter Jebsen

22. April 2015 at 1:48

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