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On the amazing website Every Noise at Once you find samples of 1436 styles on one map:
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For no reason a‘ all: My tribute to London pub rock duo Chas & Dave

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I am predominantly into ‚black music‘ (resp., for the more politically correct readers, into funk, soul, hip-hop, blues, and gospel), plus gutsy and/or soulful country.

But there also are other kinds of artists, which – to me – are the musical equivalent of ‚comfort food‘. For many decades, I have been loving Chas & Dave – since „Ain’t No Pleasing You“ (1982) …

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„Eminent Hipsters“: Grouchy Donald Fagen Slams TV Babies and Coco Chanel („She F*cked Igor Strawinsky Into a Reactionary Spin!“)

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Donald Fagen: Eminent HipstersI had lots of fun listening to emusic’s audio book version of Donald Fagen’s „Eminent Hipsters“, read by himself. It is not a regular autobiography but a collection of articles, „from portraits of the cultural figures and currents that shaped him as a youth to an account of his college days and of life on the road“ (publisher’s description). The book is both insightful and hilarious.

The main piece is a grouchy diary of a The Dukes of September Rhythm Revue tour Steely Dan’s Donald Fagen did with Michael McDonald and Boz Scaggs from 2010. Favorite quote: „By the way, I’m not posting this journal on the Internet. Why should I let you lazy, spoiled TV Babies read it for nothing in the same way you download all those songs my partner and I sacrificed our entire youth to write and record, not to mention the miserable, friendless childhoods we endured that left us with lifelong feelings of shame and self-reproach we were forced to countervail with a fragile grandiosity and a need to constantly prove our self-worth — in short, with the sort of personality disorders that ultimately turned us into performing monkeys?“
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Chris Isaak: Return of the Rockabilly Romeo (sowie ein paar Worte über Roy Orbison und Chris‘ Porno-Vergangenheit)

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Falls sich jemand fragt, was Chris Isaak dieser Tage so treibt: Er hat gestern eine wunderbare Doppel-CD mit einem Tribut ans Rhythm- & Blues-, Rockabilly- und Rock’n’Roll-Label Sun Records aus Nashville veröffentlicht. Ein Label, das Künstler wie Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison und auch einen gewissen Elvis Presley bekannt machte. Titel des Tributs: „Beyond the Sun“. Eine kleine Kostprobe gefällig?
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Written by Peter Jebsen

19. Oktober 2011 at 9:01

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