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A Funky Soul Christmas (Playlist & Videos)

25. Dezember 2014

My feelings towards Christmas are similar to The Grinch‘s (without the greedy aspect). The only thing I like about it are the holiday songs. Therefore I put together a Spotify playlist with great Christmas albums and compilations. Feel free to add yours – the list is shared.


Crowdfunkin': Best of Current Funk (Spotify Playlist)

22. November 2014

“Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson (feat. Bruno Mars) is one of the best current funk releases I have heard in a long time:

After mentioning this on Facebook, my funky friends recommended many other great acts to me. I threw in some additional favorites of mine and started a Spotify playlist. Put it into shuffle mode … and enjoy!


Augie’s gone. Where do the bop go?

26. Oktober 2014

With great sadness, I just became aware of the fact that singer, songwriter, performer and producer Augie Johnson has passed away on October 10, 2014.

I interviewed him in Los Angeles in 1982 after the album “Make Mine Bop” by Side Effects‘ side project L.A. Boppers blew me away. It featured one of my favorite jazz-funk-soul songs of all time: “Where Do the Bop Go”.


R.I.P., Jack Bruce! (George Clinton on patching up things with Cream)

26. Oktober 2014

Jack Bruce (Photo: Christian  Sahm / licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license)

Jack Bruce (Photo: Christian Sahm / licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license)

John Symon Asher “Jack” Bruce passed away yesterday (Saturday, October 25, 2014) at age 71. In his just-released autobiography “Brothas Be, Yo, Like George, Ain’t That Funkin’ Kinda Hard on You?” Parliament/Funkadelic’s George Clinton (73) remembers running into Cream’s founder member in the spring of 1993 – before and during the band’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame:

(…) Cream was inducted, which was a kind of brain twist: I got to watch two of my most important influences [Sly Stone was there as well – PJ] and think about the way that I had built Funkadelic on the intersection between their two bands. Jimi Hendrix had it right when he said that Cream was quitting just as everybody else was getting started. I also got to watch how a band acted when they put old rivalries and infighting behind them. (more…)

Umfrage für Mai 2014: Baltic Soul Weekender oder ELBJAZZ?

5. April 2014

Baltic Soul Weekender 2008 (13): Fatback
Leider stimmt 2014 nur noch einer der Namen der beiden nordischen Top-Soul-, Funk- und Jazz-Events. Denn aus Gründen, die meiner Meinung nach bisher nicht wirklich überzeugend kommuniziert wurden, findet der Baltic Soul Weekender überraschenderweise nicht mehr an der Ostsee statt, sondern im Center Parcs Bispinger Heide. Diese Verlegung geschah, nachdem 2013 schon Buchungen für den bisherigen Standort Weissenhäuser Strand angenommen wurden.

Ahhh, Good Ol’ Southern Soul & Blues (Internet Radio Tip)

31. März 2014

Southern Soul Blues RadioAlthough I have many stations of various genres in the favorites list of the network music player of my choice (Logitech Squeezebox Boom – review in German) I often listen to the same station for days or weeks whenever I am in my kitchen (where the Squeezebox is located).

These days, my favorite station is Southern Soul Blues Radio. If you are into the same music, the last three songs I just listened to will give you an idea why.


Heute (Heiligabend) noch nichts vor? Mamsie Tsosane bringt Funk, Soul, R&B und Afro-Pop

24. Dezember 2011

Lydia Mamsie TsosaneWer heute (Heiligabend, 24. Dezember 2011) um 23 Uhr noch keine Pläne hat, dem kann ich ein ganz besonderes Club-Konzert empfehlen:

In der Trafalgar Lounge, Heidenkampsweg 32, 20097 Hamburg, tritt das südafrikanische Ausnahmetalent Mamsie Tsosane auf.

Mamsie ist in Hamburg vor allem als Darstellerin im Musical “Disneys Der König der Löwen” bekannt. Vorher tourte sie mit dem südafrikanischen Musical “Umoja” um die Welt, später war sie unter anderem an André Hellers erfolgreicher Zirkus-Show “Afrika! Afrika!” beteiligt. (more…)

New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival: Sei heute live dabei!

8. Mai 2011

Leider stellte ich gestern erst zu spät fest, dass der US-Rolling Stone Live-Streams vom großartigen New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival anbietet. Es geht am heutigen Sonntag (8. Mai 2011) zu Ende – es gibt also noch eine Nacht lang Gelegenheit, Ausschnitte zu erleben.

Das Festival war lange Zeit mein Lieblings-Musik-Event – ich hatte das Glück, es ab Mitte der ‘80er siebenmal hintereinander komplett zu erleben.


Question to Bootsy Collins: Did The J.B.’s Understand James Brown?

29. April 2011

A short excerpt of a phone interview I did with Bootsy Collins today:

I may post more clips during the weekend.

Sly Stalking

10. April 2011

I saw two fine music documentaries at UNERHOERT! Musikfilmfestival Hamburg: The engaging “Coming Back For More – Finding Sly Stone” combines the amazing history of Sly & the Family Stone with director Willem Alkema’s and Dutch twins Arno & Edwin Konings’ search for reclusive funk legend Sylvester “Sly Stone” Stewart. Will they get the first Sly Stone interview in 20 years? “Coming Back for More”? is both funny and insightful – a must-see for funk fans!


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