Telenovelas Are Hell: Marimar (via Funny or Die)

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Funny or Die’s recap of the entire 150 episodes of Mexican telenovela „Marimar“ which used to be a guilty pleasure of mine in the ’90s is very funny. You get a condensed version of the series‘ absurdity in hilarious 5 minutes 20 seconds:

„Marimar“’s plot was identical to the previous (similarly silly) telenovela „Rosa salvaje“ („Die wilde Rose“). When „Marimar“’s producer was asked whether there was a difference, she said: „‚Marimar‘ had a talking dog!“ His name was Pulgoso (Full of Fleas).

The title song was recorded by the telenovela’s star Thalía:

Right after „Marimar“, Thalía starred in „María la del Barrio“ which also received the Funny or Die treatment:

All three telenovelas were based on stories by Cuban ex-nurse Inés Rodena.

Peter Jebsen

Written by Peter Jebsen

20. April 2020 um 1:02

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