Looking back at International Journalism Festival 2017: #IJF17 stories galore (link list)

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International Journalism Festival (Photo: Peter Jebsen/All rights reserved)

International Journalism Festival (Photo: Peter Jebsen/All rights reserved)

I collected links to articles about the International Journalism Festival which took place in Perugia/Italy from April 5 – 9, 2017. I also wrote a (German-language) blog post : „International Journalism Festival 2017 in Perugia: ‚Trump führt uns unsere Arroganz vor Augen‘ (#IJF17)“.

English-language publications


Fairfax aims to make digital transformation a ‚learning-supported and training-infused process‘
In China, the art of media censorship is becoming more sophisticated
How live journalism brings people together to build trust and excitement around stories
Snapshots of 4 journalism co-operatives from around the world
Advice from BBC News and Trinity Mirror for introducing debunking into the newsroom
Optimising for trust: Advice for news organisations to improve their relationship with the public
New guide to fake news aims to help the public understand how these stories circulate online
The role of memes in misinformation and shaping online and offline conversations
How can journalists entrench the belief in the value of their work?
4 approaches to building collaborative data infrastructures for journalism
The storytelling formats that are changing the narrative on migration
Why news organisations should experiment with chat bots

Journalism Now

Facebook’s Mosseri on ‘false’ news: declining, hard to measure and bad for business
Public Data Lab launches guide to help understand how fake news circulates online
First Draft releases guide to savvy reporting on fake news


„Graphic content, graphic novels“ – Marc Ellison discusses his work at #ijf17
„How can you build debunking beats into your newsroom?“ – notes from a panel session at #ijf17
„Did the British press cause Brexit?“ – notes from a panel session at #ijf17
„The ethics of live online video“ – notes from a panel session at #ijf17
„Collaborative election monitoring via social media“ – notes from a panel about Electionland at #ijf17
„How do Le Monde do Snapchat Discover?“ – Jean-Guillaume Santi explains at #ijf17
„How we got the final #Brexit poll wrong“ – Ben Page of Ipsos Mori at #ijf17
„Humans are the secret weapon“ – Cassie Werber talks about Quartz at #ijf17
„Not just cool graphs: data journalism for investigations“ – notes from the panel session at #ijf17
„Internet memes: misinformation machines or vectors of truth?“ – notes on the panel at #ijf17
„Collaborating with algorithms“ – notes from our panel session at #ijf17
3 ways we’ve been looking at working with algorithms at the Guardian


A few things to watch from this weekend’s International Journalism Festival in Perugia
What does fake news tell us about life in the digital age? Not what you might expect

WebMagazine of International Journalism Festival

Internet Memes: Misinformation Machines or Vectors of Truth?
Online harassment: the new tools of patriotic populism
Interview with Ece Temelkuran: how to confront the ‚post-truth‘
Tools for investigative journalists
Interview with Mary Hamilton: Improving news literacy through collaboration
Monitoring elections together: the importance of fact-checking
Economics reporting: so mistreated, yet so needed
Journalism as activism: Examples from Africa
Something old, something new: digital media and the coverage of climate change
Interview with Zaina Erhaim: covering the Syrian war as a journalist, activist and woman
American journalism in the Trump era
Hacking democracy? Wikileaks, Russian hackers and the US elections
The unwinnable game: the British Press and Brexit
How throttling internet has become a way of censorship in Turkey
Pollsters versus media, better understanding for better information
An interview with Firas Fayyad: the Last Men in Aleppo
The algorithm medley: explaining facebook.tracking.exposed
How news feed works
Google Accelerated Mobile Pages
The ethics of live video
Uncovering internet censorship
How news feed works
Plan B: Making a home for news on the open web
Investigative journalism in Africa: the case of Insight TWI
Electionland: the biggest social newsgathering project ever
Algorithms for Dummies: How to investigate government algorithms
In your face(book): social media is here to stay
The Washington Post’s recipe for success in the Trump era
Web-Puppeteering with the Use of Fake News: How Does It Spread and Where Will It Get Us
Doing journalism in Egypt: from the Arab spring to El-Sisi
China: between digital and social media
The media start up journey: How to build a multi-million dollar company from scratch
netzwende: why Trump is the best thing to happen to journalism
Video formats and innovation methods
Turkey: a black hole for journalists?

Sustainable and inclusive media: how to promote a more diverse society and avoid bankruptcy
Migration: the new frontier of storytelling
From shovels to Youtube digging: a success story of human rights investigation 2.0
Quartz: Using Data, Science and Innovation in the Age of Digital Journalism
Reporting emerging authoritarianism
America. the whole world is watching (Part 2)
Trump: the Kremlin candidate?
Populisms from Brexit to Trump
Panel discussion: ‚Fake News‘ and the misinformation ecosystem
Why media literacy is more important than ever
America, The Whole World Is Watching (Part 1)
Postcards from Guantanamo: the untold story of the prisoners‘ families
Press freedom in South-East Europe
From TV to Social Video: dare to do it and don’t be afraid to fail!


Al Jazeera: Hossein Derakhshan: How social media kills open web
BuzzFeed: A More Humble Facebook Is Deploying Charm And Its Checkbook To Win Over Critics
Inquirer.net: The authoritarian and his followers
roialty: How social data drive journalism?
International Center for Journalists: International Journalism Festival fields discussion on covering sexual violence / What makes a successful solutions journalism story?
NewsWhip: “Can we please stop doing video as social TV?” – Journalists on creating social video
Poynter: Facebook’s Mosseri on ‘false’ news: declining, hard to measure and bad for business

German-language publications

Alexander Drössler

#ijf17: Wie User-Engagment Journalisten beim Geld verdienen helfen kann


5 Dinge, die ich beim #ijf17 gelernt habe

Der Standard

Ägypten: Journalisten kämpfen um Vertrauen
Phishing Leaks: Hacker suchen den Ruhm
Schießen Sie nicht auf den Überbringer der Nachricht
Pirandello-Effekt: Audience-Engagement und die Revolution des modernen Theaters
Auf Assads schwarzer Liste: Eine syrische Journalistin berichtet vom Krieg
Kindersoldaten-Vergewaltigung: Marc Ellison über Journalismus als Comicstrip
Journalisten sollten mit ihrem Bedeutungsverlust umgehen lernen
Video-Umfrage aus Perugia: Braucht es noch Journalisten?
Wie man mit Fake News Geld macht, erklärt Buzzfeed-Experte Craig Silverman
Fake-News: „Wir als Medienkonsumenten machen uns schuldig“
Amazon-Boss Bezos ist „großartig“ für die „Washington Post“, findet ihr Digitalmanager
Türkei: Redaktionen, die zu Gefängnissen werden
Fake News und die Kraft der Wahrheit: Ein Fall für die Wissenschaft
„Washington Post“ „bleibt hoffentlich Quelle für jene, die wissen wollen, was passiert“
Tief graben im Müll der Mafia: Organisierte Recherche gegen organisierte Kriminalität
EthiLeaks: Von Vertrauen und Verifizierung – beim Journalismusfestival in Perugia
Tödliche Passwörter: Wie ein Handyspiel über Syrien informiert
„It’s tough“ – über die Situation von Frauen im Journalismus
Fake News: Entstanden aus einer gescheiterten Revolution
Wie Staaten mit Leaks Krieg führen
Die Trump-Obsession der Medienbranche
Was den vielen Berichten über Menschen auf der Flucht fehlt
Vom Umgang mit Userbeiträgen: UGC-Experte Fergus Bell im Videointerview
Wie Orbáns Handlanger Ungarns Medien kontrollieren
Die mit dem Tod rechnen: Journalisten in Osteuropa
150 investigative Journalisten für 135 Milliarden Menschen
Italiens Links-Rechts-Populismus mit fünf Sternen
Wie Bill Clinton (und die Bushs) Trump zur US-Präsidentschaft verhalfen


Ungewöhnliches Angebot: Facebook lädt zur Fake-News-Volkshochschule


Migration in den Medien: Flüchtlinge als Quotenbringer

Additional reading

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  1. […] Looking back at International Journalism Festival 2017: #IJF17 stories galore (link list) […]


  2. […] Journalism Festival 2017 in Perugia: „Trump führt uns unsere Arroganz vor Augen“ (#IJF17) Looking back at International Journalism Festival 2017: #IJF17 stories galore (link list) International Journalism Festival: Medienkonferenz mit Panorama (#IJF16) (plus Storify 1 & 2 in […]


  3. […] Journalism Festival 2017 in Perugia: „Trump führt uns unsere Arroganz vor Augen“ (#IJF17) Looking back at International Journalism Festival 2017: #IJF17 stories galore (link list) International Journalism Festival: Medienkonferenz mit Panorama (#IJF16) (plus Storify 1 & 2 in […]


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