R.I.P., Rick Parfitt! Status Quo’s Search for the Fourth Chord is Over

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I was sad to hear yesterday that Status Quo’s Rick Parfitt has passed away –
which was confirmed on Quo’s official Facebook page:

This tragic news comes at a time when Rick was hugely looking forward to launching a solo career with an album and autobiography planned for 2017 following his departure from Status Quo’s touring activities on medical advice.

I always had a soft spot in my heart for this British rock and roll institution. And I actually have been listening to lots of their music in the past few weeks because I just discovered their great „Aquostic“ albums which manage to breathe new life into their classics. Stripped down, many of them prove to be just great songs which also work without their standardized simplified boogie rock (see playlist below).

I particularly appreciated it when they turned self-ironic, with album titles like „In Search for the Fourth Chord“:

I also liked the official promo video for the first „Aquostic“ album:

Status Quo have been one of the first international bands I saw live as a teenager (in the Stadthalle venue in Volkswagen city Wolfsburg). During one of their earsplitting shows, I handed a note to the sound engineer: „How many decibels?“ The master of the mixing console scribbled this reply: „Too f*cking loud!“

The Aquostic playlist


No one says of Nile Rodgers, “Yes, but all he does is disco.” [Status Quo] celebrate the fact that he took one thing and took it to a state of perfection. Of course, disco is glamorous; it’s flashing lights and beautiful people and New York and the thrill of the night. Status Quo were last orders and the geezer in the tour T-shirt and Croydon and the bus home. But that’s life. To be perfect at one small part of music’s great display is a colossal achievement in itself. Goodbye, Rick Parfitt. You were one of rock’s heroes.

Michael Hann (Guardian): Goodbye Rick Parfitt, you were one of rock’s heroes

Status Quo released over 100 singles – many of which were penned by Parfitt – and sold over 100 million albums worldwide. Their biggest hits were ‘Down, Down,’ ‘Whatever You Want’ and ‘Rockin’ All Over The World’.

Charlotte Gunn (NME): Status Quo guitarist Rick Parfitt dies, aged 68

Parfitt admitted spending £1,000 a week on cocaine and another £500 on vodka.
His addictions, coupled with the tragic drowning of their two-year-old daughter, Heidi, led to the breakdown of his first marriage to Marietta Broker.
„It’s not buying the drugs that is the most expensive thing,“ he later said. „It’s the divorce which taking drugs eventually leads to.“

BBC News: Obituary: Rick Parfitt

Written by Peter Jebsen

25. Dezember 2016 um 10:19

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