George Clinton reveals why he keeps his mouth shut about new music that pisses him off [Video]

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Yesterday in Singapore, Parliament/Funkadelic’s George Clinton aka Dr. Funkenstein met classic rap group The Sugarhill Gang („Rapper’s Delight“). He had a nice two-part Periscope chat with them about the origins of P.Funk and rap, touring together, his musical backgropund and collaborators (including Skip McDonald/Bernard Alexander and Doug Wimbish, members of Sugarhill’s house band, plus Philippé Wynne, Bernie Worrell and Bootsy Collins), and the story behind several of P.Funk’s greatest hits:

In the second video (shot by his wife Carlon Thompson-Clinton), he reveals his attitude towards new rappers he hasn’t gotten into yet (starting at time code 12:20):

It’s hard to get to the ones that ain’t quite Drake, the Drake wannabes. He done perfected it already, him and Li’l Wayne, a few of them. The new ones that’s hittin‘, it’s hard for us old ones: „That ain’t music!“ You’re still tempted to say that. I hold my mouth shut. I don’t say it because that’s what’s going to make it the new music. Something that pisses us old mothers off, [intelligible, something like:] that’s the new shit. You have to learn to like it, you have to learn to like the motherfuckers. Because if you don’t, you gonna be out to pasture.

I last saw the Sugarhill Gang at 2012’s Baltic Soul Weekender:

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