Johnny Depp stars in hilarious Donald Trump parody (free movie)

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The Art of the DealFor those who (like me) missed it before: Check out the brilliant 50-minute Donald Trump parody „The Art of the Deal“ featuring Johnny Depp and guest stars like Ron Howard, Patton Oswalt, Henry Winkler, Alfred Molina, Christopher Lloyd, Stephen Merchant, Tim Robbins, Jack McBrayer and ALF („Donald stole my hair.“). The theme song is performed by Kenny Loggins, in nostalgic ’80s style.

The New York Post comments:

Doing a hilarious Donald Trump impression, Depp scores more laughs in his secret new online video, “Donald Trump’s The Art of the Deal: The Movie,” than in his last several comedies.

In the movie, Trump/Depp explains his philosophy of life to a kid fan in Trump Tower on Trump’s 40th birthday in 1986. Favorite quotes:

Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall. I can build you a much nicer one!

So I vowed that day to buy my own Taj Mahal. Thirty years later, I got my chance. This one was even classier because it was a casino and it was in a place way more beautiful than India: New Jersey. (…) Now this is a place I have dreamt about owning since before I had orange pubic hair.

I want my daughter to grow up and be someone I would totally have sex with.

I love minorities! They’re exotic, they’re sensual. Especially the Asians.

Tip: With the Video Downloadhelper extension for Firefox and Chrome, you can download the movie.

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