Pandora Buys Rdio To Become A Global Streaming Powerhouse

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I am very glad to see that Pandora – which has been my favorite music recommendation service for at least ten years – is expanding its reach. Maybe it will even be officially available in Germany some day …

My previous praise of Pandora (in German): „Wie man das Top-Empfehlungsradio Pandora auch in Deutschland komfortabel nutzen kann“.

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pandora rdioPandora today announced that it was acquiring the assets of now failed subscription service Rdio.  While the whispers about Rdio’s future had been building for some time, the deal is more interesting for what it says about Pandora’s plans than what it says about the state of the subscription business.

Rdio Battled Bravely And Set Innovation Standards But Fell Short

For what Rdio lacked in subscriber numbers it made up for in innovation.  It continually set product and feature precedents that Spotify and others subsequently aped, and its $75 million dollar ad inventory deal with US radio giant Cumulus sets a business model blueprint that other streaming services will follow. But for all its efforts and extensive marketing efforts Rdio was simply not able to get to the same sort of level as Spotify’s 2nd tier competitors, let alone to seriously challenge Spotify itself.  The music subscription business is not…

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Written by Peter Jebsen

17. November 2015 um 1:55

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