Looking Back at GEN Summit 2015: Tweets and Links (Part 3/3: Friday)

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GEN Summit 2015 (© Peter Jebsen - all rights reserved)

GEN Summit 2015 (© Peter Jebsen – all rights reserved)

Why Journalists Should (at Least Sometimes) Be Activists

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What can Google still bring to the Future of News?

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Expanding The Washington Post’s Reach

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Why Prototypes Matter: From User Experience to Design Thinking

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New Video Formats: What’s Working, What’s Not

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With the Benefit of Hindsight. Or, Our Biggest Mistakes.

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Robot Journalism: Don’t Wait ‚Til It’s Too Late

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Podcasting: The Next Generation of Audio Storytelling

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Why and How Editors and Foundations Can Work Hand in Hand

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Hyperlocal News: The Comeback

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General/miscellaneous articles / Post-Summit tweets/reports

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Reports about past media events
The Top Tweets of Perugia’s International Journalism Festival 2015 (April 19, 2015)
Looking Back at News Impact Summit: Tweets and Links (April 1, 2015)
2. Blog-Camp (Lifestyle): die Twitter-“Presseschau” (March 27, 2015 – in German)
So war “Besser Online 2014″: Die Twitter-“Presseschau” zu #djvbo (October 20, 2014 – in German)
#GEN13: Paris in Aufbruchstimmung (Global Editors Networks News Summit) (June 28, 2013 – in German)

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German Federation of Journalists DJV)

Written by Peter Jebsen

23. Juni 2015 um 21:40

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  2. […] Continue to part 2: Thursday / part 3: Friday […]


  3. Das ist ja eine Endlos-Kette. Sehr fleißig 🙂

    Gefällt 1 Person


    24. Juni 2015 at 15:31

    • Das war ja auch eine internationale Medienveranstaltung – da wird mehr getwittert als bei deutschen Tagungen. 😉


      Peter Jebsen

      24. Juni 2015 at 15:34

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