R.I.P., Rik Mayall! (Remembering The New Statesman)

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Sad news: British comedian Rik Mayall died this morning at the age of 56. I never got into his co-creation „The Young Ones“ but his wickedly funny performance in „The New Statesman“ turned this brilliant political satire into one of my favourite series of the late ’80s/early ’90s. Here is the first episode:

Wikipedia says:

The main character was a selfish, greedy, dishonest, devious, lecherous, sadistic ultra-right-wing Conservative back bencher, a sociopathic schemer who occasionally resorts to murder to fulfil his megalomaniac ambitions.

Alan was the youngest MP at the age of 31, and was a distillation of the greed and callousness that were considered the hallmarks of new money Thatcherites. B’Stard was married to the devious Sarah, a vain, bisexual nymphomaniac who wanted nothing more than for Alan to die so she could become a rich widow. The couple cheated on each other in perpetuity but remained in a marriage of convenience; Sarah because of Alan’s money and Alan because Sarah’s father controlled the local Tory Party and held Alan’s seat in his gift.

For further reading: The Telegraph presents a series of articles on Rik Mayall.

Written by Peter Jebsen

9. Juni 2014 um 21:51

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