Social Media Explained … With Donuts

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On the staff whiteboard #funny from an Ian Jukes blogpost I think., ursprünglich hochgeladen von jasongraham99

Old (from 2012, I believe), but still funny.

Additional entries:

  • flickr: What a cute donut!
  • Diaspora: I am eating donuts but don’t want anyone to know.
  • WhatsApp: I am eating donuts and want Facebook to have the phone numbers of everyone who knows.
  • Threema: I am eating donuts and hope that Facebook doesn’t get the phone numbers of everyone who knows.
  • SoundCloud: I can chew with a beat!
  • Spotify: Artist names & song/album titles containing „donuts“
  • MausNet: I was already posting about donuts before you ‚digital natives‘ were able to spell the word Internet.
  • IRC: Anyone wants to chat about donuts?
  • CompuServe: Before I got the new mail address donuts@compuserve.com, my CIS ID was 100022.1213.
  • The WELL: Posting about donuts is like dancing architecture.
  • Amazon: Customers who bought donuts also bought (…).
  • schülerVZ: Hey du ju leik donaz?

Are we missing anything?

Written by Peter Jebsen

10. März 2014 um 12:53

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  1. Schöne Liste!

    Gefällt mir


    15. März 2014 at 12:32

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