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I saw two fine music documentaries at UNERHOERT! Musikfilmfestival Hamburg: The engaging „Coming Back For More – Finding Sly Stone“ combines the amazing history of Sly & the Family Stone with director Willem Alkema’s and Dutch twins Arno & Edwin Konings‘ search for reclusive funk legend Sylvester „Sly Stone“ Stewart. Will they get the first Sly Stone interview in 20 years? „Coming Back for More“? is both funny and insightful – a must-see for funk fans!

San Francisco funk expert Rickey Vincent wrote a great review of the movie. I quote: >> The song selections themselves denoted a level of love for the music that truly has stamped a generation, or many generations at this point. Alkema and the Koning twins did a good job of capturing the musical magic of the early Sly & the Family Stone (…). <<

„Coals to Newcastle: The New Mastersounds, From Leeds to New Orleans“ accompanies British funk band The New Mastersounds to the Big Easy. It’s a match made in (funk) heaven: Five likeable lads (who sound a little bit like the British Meters) have the time of theirs lives being accepted by their peers in Louisiana’s music capital.

I accidentally got to know The New Mastersounds through emusic’s recommendation feature a few months ago and particularly like their funky drummer Simon Allen. You can check out their albums here.

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  1. Thx for these resumes! Btw. Peter Shand is the bass player, the drummer of the New Mastersounds is Simon Allen 😉


    Andreas Gutjahr

    11. April 2011 at 8:37

  2. […] was inducted, which was a kind of brain twist: I got to watch two of my most important influences [Sly Stone was there as well – PJ] and think about the way that I had built Funkadelic on the intersection […]


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