„Europe’s Leadership Deficit“: Who Needs WikiLeaks for ‚Revelations‘ Like This?

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A few weeks ago, there has been a silly uproar in Germany about candid statements by U.S. diplomats regarding local politicians which were ‚leaked‘ by WikiLeaks.

Those ‚revelations‘ had little news value. Anybody of sound mind already knew that Chancellor Angela Merkel is an aimless opportunist, and that Foreign Minister/Vice Chancellor Guido Westerwelle is a windbag.

Today’s New York Times supplement of Süddeutsche Zeitung reprinted an editorial originally published by the NYT on December 7, 2010 (boy, isn’t SZ fast?):

>> Europe’s Leadership Deficit

Europe’s leaders are still failing to confront, or even fully acknowledge, the scale and urgency of the European financial crisis. (…) The longer European leaders deny and temporize, the higher the risk that panicked investors could set off a chain reaction of defaults and bank failures that could fracture the 16-country euro zone.

The worst offender has been Angela Merkel, the German chancellor who is showing herself, once again, to be a captive of opinion polls rather than the bold leader of Europe’s biggest economy. This week, she rejected pleas from some of Europe’s top financial officials to increase the size of a market intervention fund established earlier in the year when the scale of Europe’s sovereign debt and banking problems looked far smaller. (…) <<

Nice to know that the perception of Merkel seems to be universal (at least in certain circles).

Written by Peter Jebsen

20. Dezember 2010 um 21:46

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