Schnapszahl vs. Repdigit – 111,111 Plays on Last.FM

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I can’t help myself, but I prefer the German term „Schnapszahl“ (schnapps digit) to the mathematical „repdigit“. The latter would make more sense in my case if it were spelled „rapdigit“, because quite a few of the 111,111 plays I just hit at Last.FM have been rap and hip-hop songs.
111,111 Plays at Last.FM

Not familiar with Last.FM? Visit it yourself, or – if you read German – check out my blog post from 2007.

My 50,000th and 100,000th play on Last.FM happened to be Funkadelic’s „One Nation Under a Groove“. The 111,111th play is a different version of „One Nation“ – featuring just the duo of Dennis Chambers (drums) and Gary Grainger (bass).

It is an excerpt from Dennis‘ great DVD „In the Pocket“.

Written by Peter Jebsen

27. September 2010 um 0:38

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