Film Festival „Bollywood and beyond“: The Tweets

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In July, I visited the sixth Indian film festival „Bollywood and beyond“ in Stuttgart and sent short reviews to Twitter. The tweets apparently got lost during one of the many Twitter crashes – since they originated at identi.ca, I was able to save them (I included some trailers):

Kaler Rakhal (IND 2009): Artificially naturalistic movie about criminal politicking in rural Bengal. *** of *****

A Wednesday (IND 2008): Exciting bomb scare thriller with questionable message. Great as always: Naseeruddin Shah & Anupam Kher. ****

Dohaa – Dark Waters (IND 2007): Depressing Marathi movie about growing pains of a rural girl. Shown without subtitles 😦 . **

„Shaurya“ is the 2nd movie w/subtitles missing. Presenters don’t notice.

Shaurya (IND 2008): Decent remake of Marshall Court thriller „A Few Good Men“ (I guess – my Hindi is lacking 😉 ). ***1/2

Delhi 6 (IND 2009): Touching & funny ensemble piece about a homecoming to New Delhi. Wonderful music by the great A.R. Rahman. *****

Yarwng – Roots (IND 2008). Tragic but sweet love story among displaced villagers in a tribal area of NE India. Beautifully shot. ****

Tahaan (IND 2008): A cute movie by Santosh Sivan, starring Anupam Kher and Rahul Bose. It’s about an eight-year old boy, his donkey, and Kashmir terrorists. Surprisingly, it works! *****

Rock On!! (IND 2008): Enjoyable feel-good movie about a rock band’s reunion. ****

Two documentaries on the food industry: „Seeds of Dissent“ (uneven) & „Mad Cow, Sacred Cow“ (a must-see which will make you mad, too).

Luck by Chance (IND 2008): Star-studded dramedy with sharp dialogue and lots of movie in(dustry)-jokes. Bollywood at its best! *****

Billu Barber (IND 2008): Silly, uneven comedy about a village barber who claims he knows visiting superstar Sahir Khan (Shahrukh Khan). **1/2

Antaheen (IND 2009): Two hours of rambling about love, life, loneliness, and business; with songs in between. Dull & pretentious. **

Sorry Bhai (IND 2008): Love triangle comedy with paint-by-numbers script & direction, shot in Mauritius. Some enjoyable moments. **1/2

Mumbai Meri Jaan (IND 2008): Seen it at River to River. Florence Indian Film Festival already (December 2008). Intelligent take on 7/11 attacks in Mumbai. ****

Samaantar (IND 2009): Slow-moving, poetic Marathi film about an industrialist who lost his spark for live. Lovely music. ****

7 Days in Slow Motion (IND 2009): My festival favorite. Hilarious, yet thoughtful comedy about schoolboys shooting a movie. *****

Red Alert: the War Within (IND 2009): Gripping, differentiated story of a laborer mixed up in fights between Naxalites & cops. *****

The jury award „German Star of India“ goes to „Narmeen“ (shorts), „Superman of Malegaon“ (documentaries).

The audience picked my personal favorite as best movie: „7 Days in Slow Motion“.

„Tahaan“ gets the jury award „German Star of India“ as best feature movie. Another good choice!

Anant Mahadevan („Red Alert: the War Within“) receives the „Director’s Vision“ award. According to him, the dialogues of „Red Alert“ are authentic (based on interviews with Naxalites and cops).

Written by Peter Jebsen

12. August 2009 um 18:30

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